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Save Tens of Thousands Off Your Home Loan

$40,000 off your mortgage may seem crazy to you – but that is exactly the type of results my clients enjoy. Not to mention cutting the life of their mortgage by up to half.

Take advantage of our state of the art mortgage software program that calculates the optimal setup and repayment plan for your mortgage. There is no wizardry just cold hard (smart) numbers – only for once when talking about mortgages these numbers are in your favour.

We save people from banks!

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Specialists with over 100 million dollars in loans

With decades in the home loan business, literally hundreds of happy clients (local and NZ-wide), over 100 million dollars worth of home loans in New Zealand, and millions saved in interest through this system we are seriously qualified to talk to you about what makes sense for your situation and how you can knock tens of thousands off your mortgage too.

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Find the Perfect House

The first step of buying a house is finding a suitable property. Studies have shown that New Zealand has one of the most overvalued property markets in the world.

Those who are looking for a home in Auckland should be prepared to spend upwards of $400,000. As a general rule of thumb, properties located far away from the city centre have a much lower sale price.

Consumers should be aware that some banks will give them a pre-approved home loan. This is essentially when the bank tells a customer that they will approve a loan up to a certain amount.

For example, a buyer with a $500,000 pre-approval will not have to waste their time looking at houses that exceed their budget.

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Get a Home Loan

Most New Zealanders approach their bank when they need a home loan. In fact, many consumers stick to the same bank for the duration of their life.

This can be a mistake as the mortgage industry is very competitive. Consumers who get quotes from several banks will generally get a better deal than they expected.

Credit Unions are also gaining popularity in New Zealand. Sometimes these organisations can offer buyers better deals than banks.

Finance companies should be avoided as they have excessively high interest rates.

There are several requirements applicants must meet before their loan is approved. Some of these are listed below.

  1. A clean credit history. This means no defaults, judgements or excessive finance applications.
  2. A good income.
  3. Low debt levels.

Once the loan is approved, buyers can sign a conditional sale and purchase agreement. This contract states that the buyer will complete the sale if the house does well in a building and/or engineering report. If all goes well with the reports, buyers can get their lawyer to draw up the required documents. In most cases, this process will take at least a couple of weeks.

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“We are already beyond our projected savings by $10,000 dollars…” Adrienne, Waiuku, Auckland

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